Learning To Surf With With Extreme Academy At Watergate Bay

Surf hire

If you just want a play in the surf, we’ve got plenty of equipment available for hire. You can rent our boards, wetsuits and accessories from two hours to a full day.

Equipment 3hrs 5hrs Full day
Wetsuit £8 £10 £13
Wetsuit gloves £3 £4 £5
Wetsuit boots £3 £4 £5
Complete winter neoprene package £14 £15 £20
Beginner board £8 £10 £15
Intermediate board £10 £12 £17
Custom board £15 £20 £25
Stand-up paddleboard £13 £16 £21
Sit-on-top kayak £13 £15 £21
Bodyboard, kids surfboard and double bodyboard £5 £6 £7
Hand plane £3 £4 £5
Fins and socks £5 £6 £7
Deck chair N/A N/A £4


We have lots of different surfboards so that we can match your ability with our equipment. Come and have a chat with us and we will make sure that you have the perfect board for you and the conditions. 

Beginner – large soft foam boards which have plenty of stability for beginners. We have sizes ranging from 7' to 9' long.

Intermediate – these are hard epoxy based boards with three fins, they are lighter to give a more responsive performance. Sizes range from 6' 4" to 9' 2" including mini mals.

Advanced – hard surfboards including custom made longboards and shortboards. We have different sizes and shapes to suit the more discerning surfer.

Soft boards

Bodyboards – soft surf craft with a wrist leash designed for bodysurfing at the shoreline.

Dually’s – Double width bodyboard, for parent and child, or adults in vibrant surf.

Torpedos – a soft surf craft with an ankle leash, without a fin, designed for children’s first efforts at standing up. 4' 6" long. In between bodyboarding and stand-up surfing.

Wetsuits, boots and gloves

Wetsuits – selection of summer, winter and autumn/spring full wetsuits including hats, gloves and boots. A wide size range of wetsuits from children's XXXS (age 5) up to adults' XXL Tall. Including ladies' sizes.

Waveski and handplane

Waveski – plastic sit on top craft (Perception Five0). Hire includes paddle, helmet and buoyancy aid.

Handplaning – hand-sized board for bodysurfing, to be hired with fins if you want to go into deeper water.