Our sponsors

Extreme Academy is proudly sponsored by the following companies:



Gul International is Britain’s biggest watersports company producing technical apparel for boardsports and marine disciplines. Gul was started in 1967 by Cornish surfer Dennis Cross and in the forty years since its birth has grown into an international company, trading around the world.

Gul is one of the longest running surf companies with a genuine heritage that started in the early Newquay surf scene. Today Gul is a team of board riding enthusiasts with a love of the ocean and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

They combine 40 years of experience with the latest cutting-edge fabrics and technologies to create technical wetsuits that are designed to fit and work in harmony with the wearer.

Visit www.gul.com



Since the invention of the first Flexifoil Power kite in 1972, we’ve been making performance kites with one aim in mind: to give our customers the ultimate kitesports experience. That’s why all their kites are designed and built to the highest standards to deliver the best possible performance.

They’re equally committed to growing the sport by spreading the word and encouraging as many people as possible to join the growing kite community worldwide. Their philosophy is: live to fly, kiting isn’t a hobby or even a job. It’s a way of life.

Visit www.flexifoil.com